Guides for Chronograf

This is archived documentation for InfluxData product versions that are no longer maintained. For newer documentation, see the latest InfluxData documentation.

Follow the links below to explore Chronograf’s features.

Using pre-created dashboards

Pre-created dashboards are available when the required Telegraf input plugins are enabled. These applications make many useful metrics quickly available and are useful in giving you ideas about

Using the TICKscript editor

Using the TICKscript editor in Chronograf to create, test, and debug Kapacitor TICKscripts.

Creating dashboards

Chronograf offers a complete dashboard solution for visualizing your data and monitoring your infrastructure. Learn how to create customized dashboards in Chronograf.

Cloning dashboards and cells

Use Chronograf’s cloning functionality to make copies of dashboards and cells.

Visualization types in Chronograf

Describes the visualization types available to display in Chronograf views in dashboards.

Adding annotations in Chronograf views

Describes how to add annotations to Chronograf views with the user interface or using the command line interface.

Creating Chronograf alert rules

Learn how to create alert rules in Chronograf.

Configuring Chronograf alert endpoints

Chronograf works with Kapacitor to send alert messages to supported event handlers. Use Chronograf to send alert messages to specific URLs as well as to applications like Slack and HipChat. Learn how to set up event handlers in Chronograf.

Monitoring InfluxDB Enterprise clusters

InfluxDB Enterprise offers high availability and a highly-scalable clustering solution for your time series data needs. Learn how to use Chronograf to assess your cluster’s health and monitor the infrastructure behind your project.

Using dashboard template variables

Learn how to use Chronograf’s dashboard template variables to interact with your dashboards and gain insights into your data.

Advanced Kapacitor usage

Chronograf provides a user interface for Kapacitor, InfluxData’s processing framework for creating alerts, running ETL jobs, and detecting anomalies in your data. Learn how Kapacitor interacts with Chronograf at a lower level and learn about advanced Kapacitor usage within Chronograf.