InfluxEnterprise Users

This is archived documentation for InfluxData product versions that are no longer maintained. For newer documentation, see the latest InfluxData documentation.

InfluxEnterprise users have functions that are either specific to the web console or specific to the cluster:

Users              Web Console              Cluster

   O    ---------> Admin                                           
   |    ----------------------------------> Dev Account ---> Manage Queries Permission
  / \                                                   ---> Monitor Permission                                 
                                                        ---> Add/Remove Nodes Permission
   O    ---------> Non-Admin
   |    ----------------------------------> Marketing Account ---> View Admin
  / \                                                         ---> Graph Role ---> Read Permission
                                                                              ---> View Chronograf Permission                                                            

Web Console User Information

In the web console, users can be Admin users or Non-Admin users. In the diagram above, Penelope is an Admin web console user and Jim is a Non-Admin web console user.

Admin Users

In addition to having access to the console, web console Admin users are able to:

  • Invite users
  • Manage web console users
  • Manage cluster accounts
  • Edit cluster names

Non-Admin Users

Web console Non-Admin users have access to the web console.

Cluster User Information

In the cluster, individual users are assigned to an account. Cluster accounts have permissions and roles. Web console Admin users can create cluster accounts and assign permissions and roles to those accounts.

In the diagram above, Penelope is assigned to the Dev Account and Jim is assigned to the Marketing Account. The Dev Account includes the permissions to manage queries, monitor the cluster, and add/remove nodes from the cluster. The Marketing Account includes the permission to view and edit the admin screens as well as the Graph Role which contains the permissions to read data and view Chronograf.


Roles are groups of permissions. A single role can belong to several cluster accounts. Only web console Admin users can manage roles.

InfluxEnterprise clusters have two built-in roles:

Global Admin

The Global Admin role has all 16 cluster permissions.


The Admin role has all cluster permissions except for the permissions to:

  • Add/Remove Nodes
  • Copy Shard
  • Manage Shards
  • Rebalance


InfluxEnterprise clusters have 16 permissions:

View Admin

Permission to view or edit admin screens.

View Chronograf

Permission to use Chronograf tools.

Create Databases

Permission to create databases.

Create Users & Roles

Permission to create users and roles.

Add/Remove Nodes

Permission to add/remove nodes from a cluster.

Drop Databases

Permission to drop databases.

Drop Data

Permission to drop measurements and series.


Permission to read data.


Permission to write data.


Permission to rebalance a cluster.

Manage Shards

Permission to copy and delete shards.

Manage Continuous Queries

Permission to create, show, and drop continuous queries.

Manage Queries

Permission to show and kill queries.

Manage Subscriptions

Permission to show, add, and drop subscriptions.


Permission to show stats and diagnostics.

Copy Shard

Permission to copy shards.