Sample data

This is archived documentation for InfluxData product versions that are no longer maintained. For newer documentation, see the latest InfluxData documentation.

Download and write to any InfluxDB installation the sample data used in Data Exploration, Schema Exploration, and Functions.

Download and write the data to InfluxDB

From your terminal, download the text file that contains the data in line protocol format:

curl > NOAA_data.txt

Write the data to InfluxDB via the CLI:

influx -import -path=NOAA_data.txt -precision=s

Test queries

See all five measurements:

> SHOW measurements
name: measurements

Count the number of non-null values of water_level in h2o_feet:

> SELECT COUNT(water_level) FROM h2o_feet
name: h2o_feet
time			               count
1970-01-01T00:00:00Z	 15258

Select the first five observations in the measurement h2o_feet:

> SELECT * FROM h2o_feet LIMIT 5
name: h2o_feet
time			                 level description	      location	       water_level
2015-08-18T00:00:00Z	   below 3 feet		          santa_monica	   2.064
2015-08-18T00:00:00Z	   between 6 and 9 feet	   coyote_creek	   8.12
2015-08-18T00:06:00Z	   between 6 and 9 feet	   coyote_creek	   8.005
2015-08-18T00:06:00Z	   below 3 feet		          santa_monica	   2.116
2015-08-18T00:12:00Z	   between 6 and 9 feet	   coyote_creek	   7.887

Data sources and things to note

The sample data is publicly available data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services. The data include 15,258 observations of water levels (ft) collected every six seconds at two stations (Santa Monica, CA (ID 9410840) and Coyote Creek, CA (ID 9414575)) over the period from August 18, 2015 through September 18, 2015.

Note that the measurements average_temperature, h2o_pH, h2o_quality, and h2o_temperature contain fictional data. Those measurements serve to illuminate query functionality in Schema Exploration.

The h2o_feet measurement is the only measurement that contains the NOAA data. Please note that the level description field isn’t part of the original NOAA data - we snuck it in there for the sake of having a field key with a special character and string field values.