Upgrading from previous versions

This is archived documentation for InfluxData product versions that are no longer maintained. For newer documentation, see the latest InfluxData documentation.

To upgrade to InfluxDB 0.11 all shards must be in TSM format (the default storage engine starting with InfluxDB 0.10). See the 0.10 documentation for how to convert b1 and bz1 shards to TSM. If any b1 or bz1 shards are present, InfluxDB 0.11 will not start.

Note: The shard conversion tool (influx_tsm) is not functional with InfluxDB 0.11.0. The tool is functional with InfluxDB 0.11.1. Using influx_tsm with version 0.11.1 requires downtime as InfluxDB will not start if it detects non-TSM shards.

Identifying non-TSM shards:

In your data directory:

  • Non-TSM shards are files of the form: data/<database>/<retention_policy>/<shard_id>
  • TSM shards are files of the form: data/<database>/<retention_policy>/<shard_id>/<file>.tsm

Additional considerations when upgrading to 0.11:

Generate a new configuration file

InfluxDB 0.11 has several new settings in the configuration file.

The influxd config command prints out a new TOML-formatted configuration with all the available configuration options set to their default values. On POSIX systems, a new configuration file can be generated by redirecting the output of the command to a file.

influxd config > /etc/influxdb/influxdb_011.conf.generated

Compare your InfluxDB 0.10 configuration file against the newly generated InfluxDB 0.11 file and manually update any defaults with your localized settings.

Review queries affected by the breaking API changes

We recommend reviewing any queries affected by the breaking API changes released with InfluxDB 0.11.