Web Admin Interface

This is archived documentation for InfluxData product versions that are no longer maintained. For newer documentation, see the latest InfluxData documentation.

The built-in web administration GUI is a simple way to interact with InfluxDB. For any significant use, whether writing or querying data, direct use of the HTTP API (reading, writing) or the command line interface are better options.

Accessing the UI

The Admin UI is available by default at port 8083, i.e. http://localhost:8083. You can control the port in the InfluxDB config file using the port option in the [admin] section.

You can also access remote InfluxDB instances, although you may only connect to one instance at a time. To access an instance at a location other than than http://localhost:8083, click the Settings icon in the upper right and enter the proper connection settings for the target InfluxDB instance.


The Admin UI uses HTTP by default but can be configured to use HTTPS. In the InfluxDB config file, find the [admin] section and set https-enabled = true.

Note: If HTTPS is enabled, you must explicitly connect to the instance using https://, there is no redirect from http to https.

Selecting the Database

Choose your target database for writes and queries from the “Databases” pull-down menu in the upper right. If you have recently created a database you will need to refresh the Admin UI page before it appears in the pull-down menu.

Writing Data

The Admin UI has a “Write Data” link in the top menu bar. This link pops up a modal dialog that will accept points in the line protocol format.

Querying Data

The Admin UI has a “Query” box where you can enter any valid InfluxQL command, including database administration and schema exploration commands. The “Query Templates” pull-down menu will pre-populate the Query box with a number of common InfluxQL queries.