Differences Between InfluxDB 1.2 and 1.1

This is archived documentation for InfluxData product versions that are no longer maintained. For newer documentation, see the latest InfluxData documentation.

This page aims to ease the transition from InfluxDB 1.1 to InfluxDB 1.2. For a comprehensive list of the differences between the versions see InfluxDB’s Changelog.

Performance Improvements

Version 1.2 offers a significantly improved underlying data cache. The improvements yield a 50% write performance boost under load, allowing users to rapidly store even more data than before.

New Query Capabilities

InfluxDB has extended its query language to support subqueries. Subqueries allow users to be more efficient in finding insights into their data. See the Data Exploration page for a detailed syntax description and practical examples.

CLI Improvements

With version 1.2, the Command Line Interface (CLI) offers new functionality that simplifies writing and querying data in InfluxDB.

  • USE supports specifying a target retention policy with USE "database_name"."retention policy_name"
  • CLEAR clears the current target database or retention policy
  • INSERT INTO "retention policy" no longer resets the target retention policy for every subsequent write


The admin UI (port 8083) remains officially deprecated and disabled in this release. It can be re-enabled in the configuration file, but will be removed in a future release. We recommend using Chronograf or Grafana as a replacement.


This release is a drop-in replacement for 1.1 with no data migration required. There are some configuration changes that may need to be updated prior to upgrading to avoid downtime. Be sure to read the CHANGELOG prior to upgrading.